Gogo Bags


North Vancouver, BC


99km from Alcove



Location: North Vancouver, BC

Distance: 99km from Alcove

Category: Home

Reusable food bags for produce, tea, bread and more!

The Gogo Bags Story: “It was summer of 2010. I was occupied with two things and two things only. How do I send litterless lunch to kindergarten with my first born and find a meaningful job for my mom. Then one July midnight it dawned on me. It was kind of two for one deal. I created the concept of gogoBags and with that my mom had a meaningful work with a purpose and my son had a safe reusable bag for his litterless lunches.

It all started like that, solving my personal problems. Then I kept solving other issues I saw a need for a fix in my life. I noticed how much produce we were wasting each week. There it was; another challenge to create a bag to keep vegetable fresh longer in the fridge and then the fresh bags were born.”