Round Woman Studios


Duncan, BC


83km from Alcove


Art, Books & Cards

Location: Duncan, BC

Distance: 83km from Alcove

Category: Art, Books & Cards

Alcove now carries a variety of art cards and prints featuring paintings by Round Woman Studios.

“When I paint, I usually begin by creating a sky and then the land and then I wait and watch the scene until, almost like dreaming, images begin to form and characters appear from somewhere in my memory or imagination. I am probably more surprised and delighted than anyone when I see how the paintings develop. Other times, I begin with a character, usually women or children, and I paint until I have created a life around the character. I grew up on stories told by my grandmother of her childhood in the prairies and found myself overwhelmed by the beauty of these lands when I saw my first wheat field. My heart is tied forever to little houses, strong women and their daily tasks and the sheer vitality of children.”

— Laurel Hibbert, Round Woman Studios