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Shawnigan Lake, BC


97km from Alcove



Location: Shawnigan Lake, BC

Distance: 97km from Alcove

Category: Edibles

Triple Smoke was established in 2014 and is located on Vancouver Island, in the small town of Shawnigan Lake. Surrounded by Mountains, Forest, Rivers, Lakes, and the Ocean. Spending time outdoors, Hiking, Camping, and cooking over fires is how Triple Smoke organically became.

Triple Smoke spices and blends were created to naturally capture the real bold smoke flavors of open fire cooking. Triple Smoke products are made with natural ingredients, with no added preservatives or fillers. The spices are 100% real wood smoked, using a 3 step smoking process, and 3 different types of wood. Bold Smoke and Big flavor captured in each pouch and jar, a little goes a long way!